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ARPG Commissions // OPEN

Mon Feb 27, 2017, 7:59 AM
Hey all! I'm taking some simple World of Reos - commissions! 

You can either commissions me for

1 image, max 2 vayrons: 35 €

3 image packs, max 2 vayrons per image: 80 €


Oh deer by Junowski  Very serious game of egghunt by Junowski  Hills that hugged the sky by Junowski
I wish you'd need me by Junowski  I wish you'd never forget by Junowski  I wish I was your favorite by Junowski
Kaato by Junowski  Like an eagle by Junowski  Water! by Junowski

If you have Tyrian or companions you'd like to include, we can discuss the price!

NOTICE: These are not my usual commissions. I will work rather quickly and I will post final images as soon as I finish them.

I accept payments only up front and via paypal. I'll start working as soon as I've received a payment.


9. AkumaNoBaka - Saliko, 3 images - Paid - 
 So squishyRawWarm afternoons

10. LovesCarmenDenahi 1457 - Magi Path - Paid  - Song of the stone

11. ApexPlegian - Aeon 031 - 3 images - Paid 

12. OPEN

Created at


Hey I got some Vayron Genos for sale! These are Murros's firstborn babies, and I'll be only accepting ART PAYMENTS. I'd also love if some/one of the puppies would be actively played with, and I could draw him/her alot with Murros the papa.

If you're new to ARPG's or World of Reos, but still interested: no worries, I'll be happy to introduce you to this.

Murros 955 x Ember 677 

1) (Female - Vayron - Runner - Healthy)
F: Lisse Coat
T: Sonar Ears, Medium Tail, Round Eyes
P: Dusted Sable Fawn with Pangare
G: Faw+Du/nSb/nPn

2) (Female - Vayron - Runner - Healthy)
F: Lisse Coat
T: Long Ears, Tailless, Round Eyes
P: Overo Fawn with Pangare 
G: Faw+nOv/nPn

3) (Male - Vayron - Runner - Healthy)
F: Lisse Coat
T: Loopy Ears, Medium Tail, Feline Eyes
P: Dusted Oriental Charcoal with Mist
G: Char+Du/OO/nMi

4) (Male - Vayron - Runner - Healthy)
F: Lisse Coat
T: Sonar Ears, Short Tuft Tail, Feline Eyes
P: Coin with Pangare
G: Coi+nPn

For the genos I'm looking for 1-3 CP images, probably training and/or trials for Karu. Comment if you're interested and we'll talk more!